TLL Fegg's Face
Actor Matthew Mercer
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age Late 20s-Early 30s
First Appearance The Lost Lords
Last Appearance The Lost Lords
Status Unknown
Fegg Gallery
I've come from the Twins bearing the dead of House Forrester! Lordly types from the looks of 'em!
— Fegg, The Lost Lords

Fegg is an original character in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. He is a commoner who's job is that of a wagon driver.

Character Edit

Fegg is grumpy and seemingly unhappy with his job. He's also somewhat greedy and egotistical, not willing to part with the bodies of the fallen Forresters without payment.

History Edit

Fegg made money delivering the bodies of fallen combatants in the War of the Five Kings around the North and Riverlands. After the Battle of Duskendale, he dressed up commoners in the colors of House Forrester and attempted unsuccessfully to deliver them to Ironrath.

Game Of Thrones Edit

"The Lost Lords"Edit

After the Red Wedding, Fegg delivered the bodies of Gregor Forrester and many of his men back to Ironrath. Alive among them was Rodrik Forrester, the heir to Ironrath, unbeknownst to Fegg or anyone else. As he drove along the Kingsroad, he complained about how far away Ironrath was from the Twins.

After arriving at Ironrath, he attempted to sell the bodies to a guard, but was stopped by Ser Royland Degore. Royland suspected that Fegg had again tried to pass off commoners as members of House Forrester, and ordered him to leave. Fegg then declared that he'd dump the bodies in the river before turning to leave. However, Rodrik pulled himself off the wagon, causing Fegg to stop in surprise.

Afterwards, Fegg left the bodies of Gregor and the other Forresters at Ironrath before leaving.

Relationships Edit

Royland Degore Edit

Royland does not like Fegg thanks to his past attempts to get paid, and threatens him in order to make him leave. Fegg, in turn, refers to Royland as a "lousy sheep fucker".

Appearances Edit

Season One appearances
Iron From Ice The Lost Lords The Sword in the Darkness Sons of Winter A Nest of Vipers The Ice Dragon

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