Gared's sister
Actor N/A
Gender Female
Hair Unknown
Age 8
Occupation Unknown
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Gared Tuttle - Brother
Duncan Tuttle - Uncle
First Appearance Iron From Ice
Last Appearance Iron From Ice
Cause of Death Killed by Britt and his men.
Status Dead
Series lifespan Iron From Ice
Ethnicity Northmen

Gared's Sister is a character in Game of Thrones.


Nothing is known of her character, but it can be assumed that she had a strong bond with Gared and their father.

Game Of ThronesEdit

Gared's Sister tried to hide to evade Britt and his group. Her father tried to stop them from hurting her but she was killed.


Killed by: Edit

  • Britt (possibly)
  • Whitehill soldier (possibly)

Gared's sister was killed by one of the soldiers after they claimed the Tuttle farm for Roose Bolton, the new Warden of the North. It is assumed that it was not the Bolton soldier who killed her, as he still had a spear to fight Gared, and carrying two spears at once would be very impractical.

Britt claims that as she died she was calling out for Gared to save her.


Father TuttleEdit

It is assumed that Gared's sister had a strong bond with her father as she lived on a farm and seemed to help him.

Gared TuttleEdit

Gared and his sister had a good relationship. Gared is extremely sad when he finds out his sister was murdered and vows to get revenge for his eight-year-old sibling.

Trivia Edit

  • Unused lines for her father suggest that Gared's Sister could have survived the attack, hiding in their home. However, it may be possible that the soldiers did catch up to her regardless and Gared would have merely stumbled across her body.
  • Unused lines tell us that Gared's sister's name was Jenna. This is not considered canon due to not appearing in the final product.


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