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House Branfield was a minor southron house that was destroyed when the Targaryen dynasty fell.

History Edit

The Branfields were Targaryen loyalists who fought for the crown during Robert's Rebellion. Lord Branfield, along with most of his sons and daughters, were slain in battle, and the house fell. After the fall of the Targaryen dynasty, they were attainted by the new king, Robert Baratheon.

The only survivors of House Branfield are Malcolm Branfield and his sister, Elissa Forrester. Elissa had married Gregor Forrester, the heir to the Northern House Forrester, several years before the rebellion. While the Forresters rebelled against the crown and were partly responsible for her house's demise, Elissa came to regard House Forrester as her true house, and vowed to never let what happened to House Branfield happen again.

Malcolm fought in the rebellion for the Targaryens, but is now in service to the Forresters. While he is the only person able to revive the Branfield line, it is assumed that this will not happen, as he has fathered no children and is a life-long bachelor.

Members Edit

  • Lord Branfield (Deceased) - Former lord of the house, and father to Elissa and Malcolm. Slain during the rebellion by Baratheon supporters.

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Branfield' may be drawn from the words 'Bran' and 'Field', suggesting that this house was known for farming wheat and other grains.
  • Lady Forrester named her secondborn daughter, Talia, after her mother.

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