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House Glenmore is a noble house based in the North of Westeros.

History Edit

The Glenmores trace their ancestry to neither the First Men nor the Andals. Instead, they are descendants of a variety of ethnic groups across Essos from Qarth to Mereen. This can be seen in their nomenclature and their dress as Glenmore men at arms bare a striking resemblance to that of the Unsullied. It is not known when they first arrived in the North, but what is certain is that they have sworn fealty to House Stark since the Age of Heroes and have never refused a call to arms from their liege lords.

Their ancestral home is at Rillwater Crossing[1] in the Rills, swearing fealty to House Ryswell. They have been allies of House Forrester since before the War of Five Kings, and the alliance remains to the current day.

At the name day feast of Lord Glenmore's son, Rodrik Forrester and Elaena Glenmore danced "until the sun came out." Elaena was to wed Rodrik before the war broke out. It seems that the Glenmores weren't heavily involved in the war, given that their moderate military force has remained largely intact.

Elissa Forrester says that House Tyrell holds influence over the Glenmores, though of what nature is unknown.

Game of Thrones Edit

"The Lost Lords" Edit

After news of Rodrik's survival reaches the Glenmores, Elaena quickly sets off to Ironrath. However, in light of the Red Wedding and the deaths of Gregor and Ethan Forrester, Elaena and Lord Glenmore aren't fully committed to the betrothal. (Determinant) Rodrik either secures the marriage or is unable to, leaving the betrothal uncertain.

"Sons of Winter" Edit

Elaena appears in this episode, along with her brother and a band of Glenmore Soldiers. Elaena's brother Arthur Glenmore offers their help, provided Rodrik agrees to take down Gryff Whitehill. They do capture Gryff and the garrison, and Rodrik can bring the Glenmore soldiers to Highpoint.

When they return to Ironrath, if the Glenmores were left, an arrow and drops of blood will be seen, while if they were brought the

"A Nest of Vipers"Edit

Rodrik encounters Ramsay Snow, who leads him to the ironwood grove where he reveals Arthur being flayed. Ramsay tortures and disembowels Arthur. Elaena weeps over his corpse, and Rodrik comforts her, getting the option to spend the night with her. If he does, later in the episode she will wake up in bed with him.

Members Edit


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  1. The location of Rillwater Crossing as seen on the map of the Wolfswood.
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