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House Warrick is a noble house from the North of Westeros, original to Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

History Edit

Little is known about House Warrick, other than that they are among the few Northern houses to worship the Faith of the Seven. They share this in common with their allies, House Whitehill.

Game of Thrones Edit

House Warrick almost certainly assisted their Bolton and Whitehill allies in the Red Wedding, participating in the slaughter of Northern and Riverlands bannermen loyal to Robb Stark.

Britt Warrick was a bannerman for House Whitehill, and one of Lord Ludd Whitehill's best fighters. After ravaging the farm belonging to the family of Gared Tuttle, he lies that Gared provoked him and his men. (Iron From Ice)

After the fallout of Britt's crimes, he's banished to the Wall. Shorlty thereafter, he's slain by Gared - the same man who's family he killed. (The Sword in the Darkness)

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