Royal Ironwood Decree
Mira holding the Decree.



 The Royal Decree is a document that declares the Crown will buy Ironwood exclusively from House Forrester, as opposed to House Whitehill.

Owners and Users Edit

The Sword in the Darkness Edit

Tyrion tells Mira that the decree is completed and is on his desk, then departs. During the Wedding, Mira talks with Morgryn about snatching the deal out from under the Merchant Lord's feet, but they are interrupted when Tyrion is arrested for Joffrey's murder. Morgryn tells Mira that it is a bad time to be linked to Tyrion and she must recover the decree, saying it must 'disappear'.

Mira finds the decree in Tyrion's strongbox with Tom's aid and the two of them retreat to her chambers. Mira can either burn the decree or keep it.

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